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Akilah trained at Northwest Tap Connection dance studio just shy of a decade where she was trained in Rhythm Tap, Modern, Ballet, Hip Hop, African, and Afro-Brazilian Dance. She has performed professionally with the New Horizons Dance Company at STG's Dance This and Global Dance Party as well as participated in a cultural arts exchange in Barbados where she learned traditional dances of Landship and the plaiting of the maypole.


It has been an absolute pleasure to have known Akilah since she was a small child. I first met Akilah while she was a student at Northwest Tap Connection. At one point I began giving her private instruction to supplement her dance training. Akilah worked extremely hard at perfecting her tap dancing skills and always gave her best effort in our lessons. She has always been a remarkable young person and I have recognized her extraordinary inner light since the day I met her. Akilah is very dedicated to all of her various activities. She continues to show an aptitude for success and puts forth extra effort to achieve in everything she does. Akilah has demonstrated some of the most admirable qualities you would expect from a young person. She is extremely committed to her community and goes above and beyond to be a positive force for those around her. I have been most elated to learn about all of her many accolades along her Taekwondo journey. Through her martial arts, Akilah has excelled and become a rising star in her respective discipline. Her ability to forge a lane for herself and dissolve both athletic and cultural barriers speaks to her level of resilience and confidence. Akilah is a wonderful reflection of her village and I am beaming with pride to bear witness to her excellence. 

Pamela Yasutake, Performer/Instructor/Choreographer (Broadway/TV/Film)

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Akilah Franklin is a fighter on and off of the dance floor. She has always challenged herself to understand the movement and how that translates to her body. Akilah understands how movement connects to something deeper than just a surface expression. As of recently she choreographed several pieces for a performance created by her mother. What I saw in that is growth and a commitment to be the best version of herself. I saw her understand the lessons that were shared with her. 


Akilah is an artist that uses movement in her music, her words, her martial arts practice and how she interacts with people. Her growth as an artist becomes apparent when you talk with her. Again the lessons I had the pleasure of sharing with her is very present in all she has been doing. 

dani tirrell

Curator for Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas 

Founder & Artistic Director: The Congregation 

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