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Adira Health products are meant to soothe the soul and ease the mind. To make you feel mighty and powerful enough to take on the obstacles life puts in your way.

Lip Balm

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Start your day with Adira Health Lip Balm and a smile at yourself in the mirror because you are enough, all of that and then some!


    Simply use your finger to rub some of our lavish lip balm onto your lips. Made with the perfect blend of all natural shea butter and rose water. 


    Enjoy a day filled with a soft symphony of floral notes, let the smell of roses permeate your day and add an effortless flow to your natural rhythm. Your Lips will be soft, supple, and radiant. 


    Did you know that smiling has amazing health benefits!


    Smiling is an easy way to give and get the gift of reduced blood pressure, increased endurance, reduced pain, reduced stress and a strengthened immune system.


    Smiling is contagious, pass it on!

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